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Yoshiharu Masuda

Until I turned age 20, my dream was to become a professional baseball player and play for
the Yomiuri Giants. But I had ended up running after volleyballs fighting alone shouting "victory over Cuba!"
at a University where I majored in Russian Science just because I wanted to become an astronaut.
The man who made me into such a baseball fan, my biological father, had passed away long ago.
And I met the man whom I now call "my father". My mother, siblings, and relatives all stood by me.
I have met and left many friends encountered and broke up with several loves. Human beings are like smoke.
They begin in one place, but eventually they apart from each other each creating their own shapes and
patterns and finally fading away. And then, they become vapour, then rain, then they go back to the earth and
become one. I can't help but to think that we were all ONE in the beginning,
but just for now we are apart from each other and taking various shapes.
I feel the same way about my acting. I have created many lives through my various parts.
And I will perhaps keep creating more lives just like I always have.
But all of these lives began in one place "I", and after performing each shape and pattern
it will come back to "I" myself.
I will no longer search for tomorrow. I won't even ask for the reason of my life.
Enjoy the wind blowing in your face NOW...I want to become a "genius in amusing myself"
(To be continued...)

Yoshiharu Masuda Yoshiharu Masuda Yoshiharu Masuda
photo by (C) Yukie Oikawa photo by (C) Shohei Yamashita photo by (C) Yuki Yoshida