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Hirofumi Yamaguchi

"Moral and debauchery" As long as we are breathing, we give trouble to someone.
Many of those we cannot resolve or forget with kind or nice words.
As long as I am going to act as one human being I cannot just look at the convenient part of people.
The things that makes me want to look away and pretend that I don't notice...
Isn't that what expresses more of human nature and character?
I don?ft think of it as unpleasant. Because it just shows how hard those persons are living their lives.
Nothing special, nothing perfect, and the dirtier are the more beautiful and amusing.
I want to never stop developing and changing.
And also want to keep communicating the crooked beauty of this world.


Hirofumi Yamaguchi   Hirofumi Yamaguchi
photo by (C) Yukie Oikawa   photo by (C) Yukie Oikawa